"Ireland`s Wild North" 

Individual selfguided roundtour on rental motorcyle with 7 days riding

Season: From April to October.

Tour format: This format includes your rental motorcycle, a detailed description of the tour (roadbook), and your Tomtom GPS, with all the important places of interest already saved to the device. You will book your flights and hotel stays by yourself and travel individually (self-guided).

Tours: Total distance of about 1700m with daily distances of about 250km and some opportunities for sightseeing

Format suitable for: This is a format with more riding intensity and some, but not too much, sightseeing. You should have some motorcyle travelling experience and like riding most of the day, to enjoy it best. Left-side traffic, mostly calm, but can be more lively around Galway. Irish country roads can be very narrow with views on bends obstructed by hedges and tarmac being in questionable condition, but you can always ride slowly, hence safely in this traffic. 250km of riding take most of the day in Ireland, but you will still have some opprtunities for sightseeing and enought time for stops and pauses during the day. This format is ideal for riders who like to ride a lot and enjoy breathtaking landscapes.   

Arrival: Individual flight to Dublin, bus transfer to Gorey and we pick you up and drive to our  tourbase, where you receive your rental motorcycle and start on your tour. 

Option: You can combine this format with  Bed&Bike - tours from our guesthouse. For example, get used to left-side-driving for 3 days on daytours from our guesthouse, then depart for your roundtour.


Map of roundtour north-west Ireland

This tour leads you through the vast and rocky lands of Connemara over the moors and mountains of Mayo and Donegal up to the scenic Glenveagh National Park in the very North of Ireland. You will experience about half of the famous Wild Atlantic Way on our jouney. Nature is stunning in the northern part of Ireland and traffic is very low - with the exception of sheep and cows on the roads.... 

Your riding days:

1. Day: Individual flight to Dublin. You should book an early flight, or arrive the evening before and spend the night in Dublin to do the transfer to our tourbase early next morning. You will receive your rental motorcycle with a thorough introduction and drive to Galway today, where you will stay for the night.

2. Day: You can leave your luggag in the hotel, where you will spend a second nicht, too. Explore Connemara`s vast countryside and shorelines and enjoy Galway in the evening.

3. Day: Today you will explore Mayo and Sligo. Mayo is less known than Connemara, but arguably even more beautiful. The moors on the hills (bog) look like a smaller version of the Scottish Highlands. You will see irelands only fjord, the Killary Fjord, and pass by Croagh Patrick, Ireland holy mountain on your way to Westport.

4. Day: Again, you will spend two nights at the same hotel and you can leave your luggage on the room. Due to it`s remote location, Achill Island is often overlooked by tourists, but definitely a wonderful ride by bike. Your trip is a bit shorter, so that you can rest a bit and enjoy Westports hospitality in the afternoon and evening.

5. Day: In Ballycroy Nationalpark you wil be far away from the touristic mainstream and get a feeling for the more remote parts of Ireland. Ceide Fields is a historic site, where human settlements from ancient times, even before the celtic tribes, had been found. It is stunningly located at the sea, next to high cliffs. If you have still enough time, you can visit Sligo, and the pretty Glencar Waterfall behind Sligo is definitely worth a stop. You will stay in Donegal for the next two nights.

6. Day: The Slieve Leagues are less known than the Cliffs of Moher, but even higher than these and rank among the highest cliffs in Europe. In Glencolumbcille there is a beautiful little open museum-village. A small group of cottages and houses show very nicely how Irelands rural communities had lived over the centuries. The village is nestled stunningly between sea cliffs and the steep hills of the back country. Away from the coast and into the mountains of the Glenveagh National Park and back to Donegal where you can finish the day with  a nice meal at the harbour.

7. Day: Time to drive back - you will follow the River Shannon for a while and then return to our tourbase.

Tour information in PDF format:

We will send you comprehensive description of you tour, which you can easily print at home before your tour:

  1. The first couple of pages will provide you with general information about Ireland, covering the arrival, practical tips, climatee/weather and clothing, road conditions and more.
  2. You will have an overview of the tour with everyday day listed and a copy of a map
  3. For every days destination, we will prvide information on accomodation. You will book your accomodation (as your flights) prior to your tour by yourself. www.booking.com works really well, or another online booking platform.
  4. There is a desciption of every single day including a copy of a map, your points of interest/visiting, waypoints and your final destination.
  5. We have prepared every route carefully and tested them thorougly ourselves. The daily distances are chosen to be good for the average single biker or biker with pillion passenger and allow enough time for pauses, stops and some sightseeing. You can always ride more or deviate from the tour whenever you like.
  6. In your daily descriptions you will find many images taken on tour, so you get an impression of the country beforehand.
  7. Your rental motorcycle comes with a Tomtom Rider 550 sat nav device included. All waypoints and points of interest mentioned in your description, are already saved in the device, so you can find and select them easily.

Prices and Booking:

You can purchase this Roadbook-PDF, when you book your rental motorcycle. If you drive in a group, you can just purchase one PDF and take copies.

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